Telephony Services

At Lanonyx we provide a range of Telephony Services for SMEs/SMBs throughout the UK including SIP Voice Communications, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Solutions, Screen Popping and Click to Dial.


SIP Voice Communications

Cloud based Hosted phone systems are becoming more popular nowadays, however, due to the shared nature of these resources most providers won't let you connect Call Logging Software to them because you can then see everyone else's calls. We have enhanced Telestat so it works with certain cloud providers, so if you want to use Telestat with a Cloud based Hosted VoIP/SIP service, ask us who is on the approved list.


Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Solutions

Our CTI suite gives you visibility of your phone system and allows you to speed up processes which can have a big impact on productivity depending on your business type. Click To Dial (see below), Screen Popping (see below), DND Toggles and Phone System Presence quickly become must haves once you start using them. Phone System Presence allows you to see who is currently connected, their status and who they are on a call to. A key feature if you have remote workers or your business is spread out over a large location.


Screen Popping

Our screen popping functionality allows our software to connect to a dataset to match the incoming call to your customer records. When a call arrives, an alert can be set to show the incoming number, name, company and the number they called in on in the middle of the screen and/or as a balloon tooltip in the lower right of the screen. Perfect if your business handles calls for other businesses and you need to answer the call in a different manner. The software can then remain on the screen to be closed manually or can be set to disappear on answer depending on preference.


Click to Dial

The Click to Dial software allows you to make phone calls extremely easily. Either click a hyperlink in your CRM system (if configured) or highlight any number and press a quick keyboard shortcut to make the call i.e. Windows key and Z. No more time consuming and error prone manual dialling. Perfect for dialling from numbers on websites or email signatures. If your business makes even a moderate number of outgoing calls, once you start using Click to Dial you won't be able to go back.


For more information on our range of Telephony Services please contact us here