IT Services

At Lanonyx we provide a range of IT Services supporting IT Systems for SMEs/SMBs throughout the UK including Network/Firewall support, Remote support, and Service Credit based pay as you use support.


Outsourced IT & Network/Firewall support

Need IT support for your company but don’t want to pay for a full time member of staff? By outsourcing your IT needs to us you can just use us when you need us. We can monitor your servers remotely and can spot issues before they cause major problems. Our staff are highly trained in the latest data and network security protection, firewalls and network topography.

Our highly qualified staff will also be able to assist with the usual day to day IT issues remotely via Teamviewer.


Remote support

The need for a costly on-site IT professional has reduced drastically in the last few years due to advances in Internet speeds and remote support software, we can now get connected quickly to the machine to diagnose the problem or to monitor your servers or network regardless of physical location.


Service Credit based pay as you use support

Using our credit based service you only pay for us when you need us. Have no issues in the month? that means no charges for you. This allows you to get a much higher level of IT support than you would if you were to employ an on-site IT team. Our rates are competitive and offer good value for money for a service that in today’s tech driven world is very much needed.


For more information on our range of IT Services please contact us here