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What is an IoT SIM card and why do you need one?

An IoT (Internet of Things) SIM card is much like the SIM card you are used to in your mobile phone but fulfils a much more specific purpose. It has no use for voice and only uses the data connection, saving money. Using 3G, 4G or 5G it communicates using cellular data with other machines and devices, negating typical Wired or WiFi connections. This gives you a reliable and secure connection that doesn't rely on third party connectivity that might not be as reliable, secure or even exist in the first place. They also require no initial setup.

IoT SIMs are able to roam between networks seamlessly so they always pick the strongest signal, massively increasing reliability and peace of mind. This is ideal if the device moves around as not all areas are covered by one network provider.
By connecting a device using an IoT SIM you are able to monitor that device remotely, monitor the data the device is collecting remotely and also troubleshoot the device remotely. This saves on resources, especially if the device is in a hard to reach location (as they often are!)

Price is dependent on data usage and while some SIMs are needed to have a high data allowance i.e. security cameras and devices that stream video, others transmit tiny amounts of data at a time so can be on a much cheaper tariff. Often data allowance is pooled which can drop costs even more if you only have a handful of high data using SIMs.

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IoT Applications

  • Healthcare Monitoring and Telemedicine
    IoT Healthcare Monitoring and Telemedicine

    Remote patient monitoring has been crucial in the healthcare industry even before the 2020 pandemic. Since then, the demand for remote monitoring has skyrocketed.

    Health monitoring setups were initially developed to provide a safe and convenient way to monitor patients' conditions. IoT connectivity is now enabling Telemedicine, allowing patient monitoring devices and critical support to be accessed anywhere, boosted by cellular IoT failover.