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Why you should now use CCTV SIM Upgraded Security Cameras

CCTV Security Cameras are often in hard to reach or inaccessible places. This goes hand in hand with a lack of the decent network connectivity needed to support quality video. By starting out with, or upgrading to, CCTV SIM enabled Cameras, you gain all the benefits of The Cloud without the assumed high costs.

An Internet of Things SIM card is much like the SIM card you are used to in your mobile phone but fulfils a much more specific purpose. It has no use for voice and only uses the data connection, saving money. Using 3G, 4G or 5G it communicates using cellular data with other machines and devices, negating typical Wired or WiFi connections. This gives you a reliable and secure connection that doesn't rely on third party connectivity that might not be as reliable, secure or even exist in the first place. They require no initial network setup and come with a Fixed IP as standard.

Excellent Connectivity with Multi-Carrier CCTV SIMs

By connecting a Security Device using a CCTV SIM you are able to monitor that device remotely, monitor the data the device is collecting remotely and also troubleshoot the device remotely. This saves on resources. It is much easier to change the camera angle remotely than to get in a car and on a ladder!

Data allowance between cameras is pooled which shares the data across all of the devices. Some cameras might need to be HD while others only SD if it is only a backup. This reduces the tariff for the HD cameras saving you money.

Using the 24*7 Partner Portal each SIM can be tracked and monitored for its Data Usage and status. Custom Alerts can he added to save on monitoring resources.

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Other Security and Safety Applications

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    Private APNs ensure that the security network is private, stopping any malicious interceptions that may occur. Increase the security of your premises.