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Telestat is compatible with all SIP phone systems and trunks running G711.

About SIP Call Recording Software

SIP was first invented in 1996 and nowadays is the most popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It's boost to fame has been largely assisted by high speed and high quality internet links. No-one likes slow internet, but a SIP conversation over a slow/bad quality connection is awful.

Cost savings, pretty much everyone has an internet connection and because SIP phone calls can share you existing internet line, often this means you only need 1 connection into your building, no more need for ISDN/Analogue circuits and their associated costs, and because the same applies to service providers you will generally get cheaper calls as well.

If your phone system has a SIP trunk connected to a service provider Telestat can still record your calls.

Compatibility, If your phone system is too old or costly to upgrade to use a SIP trunk then you might consider upgrading to a hosted phone system (PBX), we have a list of approved providers that Telestat is compatible with Contact Us for details

Functionality, Whether you're a small, medium or large business then SIP should be a serious consideration, as well as cost savings you will almost always get more functionality and flexibility.

Overview, What does it do?

  • The hardware will connect to any trunk circuit (Analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 or SIP). (We can record calls even if you don’t have a phone system, contact us for more info)
  • The software will connect to any telephone system fitted with a suitable call logging port (Serial,IP,File,etc, 99% of systems today).
  • Once installed you can record all calls, listen to them on demand, email them if required and run numerous reports and much more…

The Telestat Phone Call Recording System is built on the success of the Telestat Call Logging System, you simply add a piece of hardware to your call logger and viola, you now have a call recorder as well.

There are a lot of similarities between a call logger and a call recorder and rather than reinvent the wheel we enhanced the existing product, so you get all the functionality of the Call Logger as well

Find out what’s going on in your business Download a no obligation trial of Telestat 7 Phone Call Recording Software (requires hardware to actually record calls)

Telestat is compatible with all SIP phone systems and trunks running G711.

Free trial of Telestat 7 Call Recording Software (fully functional)

  • Compliance - are your staff saying the right things?
  • Dispute Resolution - he said, she said, is now a thing of the past, playback the recording.
  • Training - Choose your best performer, listen to their calls and see what makes them better, then pass those skills onto your other staff.
  • Compatibility - Runs on Windows XP/7/8/10, Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 (32 and 64 bit).
  • Why use us? - We offer 24 hour support via email, are great value for money, see what our customers think in our testimonials!
  • Telestat Software is straight forward to install, we can even do this for you! Simply follow the wizard and configure the software to connect to your phone system's SMDR data output (via IP,Serial,File etc).
  • Select your phone system type from a selection of preset models.
  • You are now ready to fully utilise Telestat by displaying data, running reports and using wallboards.
  • If you have a new phone system that isn't in the list, we will add it for you, free of charge!
  • Telestat hardware is straight forward to install, it is one box and 2 or 3 cables to plug in, simply follow the instructions and look at the example pictures to connect the hardware tap to your trunk circuits (Analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30, SIP etc).
  • You're now ready to record calls and use the familiar call logger interface to find and playback those recordings as and when required.
  • View the Phone Call Recording Hardware Connectivity Diagram

Remote Installation, Setup and Training If you wish we can connect to the designated Telestat PC remotely (via Teamviewer) to install and configure the software, show you how it all works and assist with phone system connectivity and configuration.

Annual Software Maintenance This has 2 major benefits:

  • Service Desk Support (24 hour): If you have any queries or problems with the software you can phone or email our Service Desk and we will help you solve them, this often also extends to underlying PC issues and liaising with phone system maintainers so we can talk "tech to tech" with them.
  • Software Updates: For the duration of your support contract, which is renewable annually you will be informed of new software releases which you can upgrade to for free, this means you always have the latest features and their associated benefits.
phone call recording software report generator
See the Report Generator in action.

To listen to your recordings, you can use the familiar Telestat Report Generator, the search facility or even just scroll through the list and find your call. Once you've located it, easily listen to it by clicking on the orange listen button on the left.

The Report Generator can also be installed on one or more remote PCs to allow Managers/Team Leaders to run reports, there is no limit and no licence costs for this.

Our software systems are compatible with all telephone systems

FREE Trial of Call Recording Software