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We believe each and every call that comes through the phone system is important. Without some way to track what is going on, how do you know if there is a problem or the system is being abused?

Full Information

Our Telestat Phone Call Logging software gives your company the benefit of knowing exactly who called, what time they called and how long the connection lasted plus much more. Not only can our phone call logging and call recording software help you determine if your representative handled the call appropriately but you can better assess if the customer was satisfied with the outcome. Telestat 7 represents the cutting edge of phone call logging systems. Our software will connect to any call logging enabled phone system port either over the network, via an rs232c serial connection or reading from a file.

Every single phone call is logged including unanswered calls, allowing your team to return an unanswered call. You can filter out unanswered calls that have been already been dealt with.

Easy to Configure

Telestat Call Logging Software is easy to install and setup however if you wish we can remotely connect to the designated Telestat PC (via Teamviewer) to install / configure the software and train you to use and configure the software going forward. We can also assist with phone system connectivity / configuration.

Easy Automation

You can run reports on all of your itemised outgoing, incoming and lost telephone calls, and create unlimited automatic scheduled reports on an hourly, daily or weekly basis to suit your needs. Make the software work for you, not add to your work load.

Easy Billing

Great for outgoing call billing and business centre management. Separate by tenant or department and even add a mark-up should you wish to. All branded with your company logo. Great for invoices.

Easy Employee Monitoring

Our phone call logging software is designed to improve your response times and increase performance and productivity from your call handling team. Monitors mounted on the wall showing our Wallboards and Leaderboards are great ways to instantly give feedback to your teams.

  • No hidden charges, no subscriptions, one-time payment, lifetime licence.
  • Why use us? - We offer 24 hour support via email, are great value for money, see what our customers think in our testimonials!
  • Wallboards - Within minutes you could be showing your company's telephone activity stats on real-time wallboards.
  • Auto reports by Email - Create unlimited automatic scheduled reports, have the data come to you when you want it to.
  • Unanswered Call Reports - Every call is logged, allowing you to easily return unanswered calls from your customers.
  • Save money - Each outgoing call is costed and itemised bills can be produced if required, this often reduces unnecessary call cost especially personal calls which will reduce your telephone bill!
  • Increase performance - Optimise staff availability and productivity, so you can always have the right person in the right place at the right time.
  • Improve response times - By monitoring time to answer.
  • Monitor communications capacity - Be sure your system is the right size for its purpose.
  • Compatibility - Runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Server (32 and 64 bit) plus VMWare and Hyper-V.
  • Telestat 7 is straight forward to install (we can do this for you). Simply follow the wizard and configure the software to connect to your phone system's SMDR data output (via IP,Serial,File etc).
  • Then select your phone system type from a selection of preset models.
  • You're now ready to display data, run reports and use wallboards.
  • If you have a new phone system that isn't in the list, we will add it in for you, free of charge! Together with our price promise (we'll beat any other genuine call logger quotation by 10%) we can guarantee that our systems are the best value available today. You'll also find that on our website we're happy to publish our system prices - so that there aren't any nasty hidden surprises!

On-Site Installation + Setup + Training If you wish we can visit your site and perform the installation for you, this includes running a serial cable (if required) from the phone system to the Telestat 7 PC as well as installing / configuring the software and show you how it all works and assist with phone system connectivity / configuration.

Remote Installation + Setup + Training If you wish we can connect to the designated Telestat 7 PC remotely (We Use Teamviewer now) to install / configure the software, and show you how it all works and assist with phone system connectivity / configuration.

Annual Software Maintenance This has 2 major benefits:

  • Service Desk Support (24 hour): If you have any queries or problems with the software you can phone or email our Service Desk and we will help you solve them, this often also extends to underlying PC issues and liaising with phone system maintainers so we can talk "tech to tech" with them.
  • Software Updates: For the duration of your support contract (renewable annually) you will be informed of new software releases which you can upgrade to for free, this means you always have the latest features and their associated benefits.
  • Real-Time Leaderboard
    phone call logging software
    See the Real-time Leaderboard in action.

    The real-time Leaderboard is an ideal contact centre management tool. When placed on a big monitor in the office no-one can hide, this drives competition between staff to beat each others numbers and be number 1 on the leaderboard. It shows call information per person and also has 5 custom columns which can display a value which can be a quantity of calls with a specific account code, or these values can be read from an external file. The external file can be manipulated by a person or output from a third party system (sales management, CRM, accounts system etc) This means that quantity of sales, leads, appointments and targets can also be shown next to each person. Any columns can be hidden to suit your requirements (e.g. inbound only, outbound only contact centre) The colours of the background and columns are configurable, so is the font size and colour. There is a screensaver/slideshow function which could show a visitor welcome message, company logo or motivational slides.

    The wallboard triggers can be set to play a sound every "x" calls and separate sounds for the custom columns to signify a "sale".

  • Report Generator
    phone call logging software
    See the Report Generator in action.

    Telestat 7 includes a wide array of reports from a standard bill to more detailed graphical analysis. Simply select the type of report to run, set your report criteria, such as the date range, departments/extensions and then click "Generate". You can save the settings you've entered so that you can run the report again the next day, week or month. This can all be achieved with a few clicks of a mouse and and can also be automated for your favourite regular reports. Reports can also be automatically emailed to you 24 hours a day so even from the other side of the world you can still have a handle on how your business is performing. The software uses standard industry dBase databases that allow additional data manipulation via ODBC / Crystal Reports or other third party applications. The Report Generator can also be installed on one or more remote PCs to allow Managers/Team Leaders to run reports, there is no limit and no licence costs for this.

  • Configuration Made Easy
    phone call logging software
    See the Configuration Panel in action.

    Telestat 7 processes the information from your phone system in real-time so that you always have the most up-to-date information in your call reports. The system runs as a service so operates ideally in a server or client environment. The system is supplied with the latest OFCOM area code list and BT's charging structure to ensure correct call pricing. You can easily change the charges to suit your carrier. All elements of the system can be configured including currency and charging periods. This gives Telestat 7 the ability to operate in any country or environment.

  • Real-Time Group Wallboard
    phone call logging software
    See the Real-Time Group Wallboard in action.

    The real-time Group Wallboard shows departmental call activity, this could be Sales, Customer Service etc, and/or can be teams within departments, e.g. Northern Sales, Southern Sales, or UK Team, Export Team etc, it is highly configurable. The bottom row of the screen can be set to show totals for all displayed departments. The font colour can be changed, and the font size autosizes to the size of the window. There is a screensaver/slideshow function which could show a visitor welcome message, company logo or motivational slide.

  • Real-Time Stats
    phone call logging software
    See the Real Time Statistics in action.

    The real-time Statistics module shows calls in, out and unanswered. The daily values update as calls are made or received. The extensions displayed can be filtered for an individual or groups of extensions. The lower half of the screen shows details for each displayed extension.

  • Real-Time Graph
    phone call logging software
    See the Real Time Graph in action.

    The real-time Graph module displays data in a bar chart format. The 4 bars display incoming and outgoing call volume, total call duration and average time to answer. The 4 bars can be turned on or off to suit your needs. The Graph Module has auto sizing scales on the left and right sides of the bar graph.

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